Celebrating 50 years of building better neighborhoods from 1968 to 2018!

Building better neighborhoods

  Home City is a non-profit, mission-driven developer of multi-family and mixed-use properties in the Springfield region.  

Celebrating our 50th Anniversary!

About Us

We Are Developers

  Home City is a mission-driven developer of multi-family and mixed-use properties in the Springfield region.  We seek opportunities to acquire and develop properties that can enhance the lives of those who live and work in them and those in the surrounding communities.  

From award-winning historic renovations of 4-story brick walk-ups to major rehabilitation of 2 and 3-family Victorian homes scattered over 25 blocks to reconfiguration of a 104 unit single-room occupancy high rise, we find ways to improve our built environment.  

We Support our Community

  We also take pride in the ways we leverage that physical investment to  provide a more attractive and sustainable place to live and build the social infrastructure essential to community life.  

Through our Resident Engagement Programs, Home City collaborates with numerous partners to create programs for: after-school teen enrichment, workforce readiness, financial independence, early childhood literacy, homeownership counseling, and community gardening. 

We encourage residents to reach for their goals and engage in a mutually supportive and respectful community.  

We Provide Professional Management Services

  Housing Management Resources (HMR) manages our properties. HMR is a national company that manages over 8,000 units. 

HMR has the skill, the experience, and the professionalism to handle our units with care and ease. This saves us time and energy to focus on the development aspect which is the core focus of Home City.  

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